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About Issuer Deck

Issuer Deck is a wholly owned subsidiary of a company based in offices in Santa Monica, CA. We are seasoned entrepreneurs and executives. We understand capital markets and investing in small public companies and venture capital.
The JOBS ACT of 2012 is revolutionizing the way both private and public companies raise growth capital and disrupts the traditional investment banking, broker dealer, and venture capital models.


Issuer Deck was formed to solve a huge problem in the US and Canadian capital markets today. The laws from the JOBS ACT allowing for general solicitation of accredited investors also applies to small publicly traded companies as well. Investment banks and broker dealers are increasingly moving away from securities offerings of less than $5 million, and those that lead placements of $2 million or less are nearly non existent.


We at Issuer Deck helps high quality nano, micro, small cap public companies and private companies seeking to attract accredited investors. We help you raise the capital necessary to grow your business. In addition, why should accredited investors invest only in exciting companies that are private and assume significant liquidity risk. Private venture capital investments take 5-7 years on average to generate a “liquidity event”. The only way investors get their money out is if the business is bought out or IPO’s.

Our Approach

Even though small public companies can many times be thinly traded and not offer enormous liquidity, at least they offer SOME liquidity. Plus, many issuers on our platform have ample volume for investors at the $20k, $50k, and even $100k plus levels to liquidate in a relatively short period of time if they choose. We see this as a huge benefit to investors seeking venture capital like returns!

Build Your Company News Room

Deliver Important Updates on your project in your Pitch Deck to give investors or potential investors insights into your projects timeline, progress and or changes that pertain to your raise. With powerful video presentations and updated information you can help build confidence in your company.

Investors need to know updates on your project and should be given crucial information regarding your company and its progress, news and developments.

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